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Spotnails SFN19 Coil Nailer

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Spotnails SFN19 Coil Nailer

Spotnails SFN19 Coil Nailer. The all new Spotnails SFN19 Flooring Nailer which fires both Plastic Collated Ringshank nails from 19mm – 28mm and Wire Collated Ringshank Coil nails from 27mm – 45mm. Holding up to 400 nails per load, lightweight and with a depth adjustment, the ideal nailer for the larger project.

Please Read Nail Fitment Guide…..

The second pic showing 2 latch’s for the magazine. Guns sold before February 2022 would have the one on the right. Guns sold after would have the one on the left. Pre February guns can only use the Spotnails original spotnails printed box’s. From February 2022, where the latch has been grounded out slightly to open up the feed they can use unbranded box’s from Spotnails. Also as long as the nails are angled not straight like the Tacwise ones they will fit aswell. So I’ve been told!

If you own a older gun where the latch hasn’t been modified ring up Spotnails. Maybe possible depending on area etc. Ask for the name and contact number for the company rep who covers your area. Should be able to arrange changing the latch for you, they have them onboard. How cools that, brilliant service while we are all having stock problems!


Especially for flooring
Rapid Fire Contact Tip
Uses both Wire Welded and Sheet Collated nails
Depth adjustment control
Easy twist exhaust
Built in sound reducer

Collated Nails for the SFN19 Click ……. HERE

Spotnails SFC19 Compressor Available in 110v & 230v Click…… HERE


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