Manufacturer carpet tools, This category lets you select tools from leading manufacturer’s in carpet flooring tools, Roberts, Crain, Maestri etc. If you know the tool item required by make or by a preferred manufacturer.

  • Crain

    Crain (66)

    Crain Crain is an American manufacturer of professional flooring tools, including carpet tools, vinyl flooring tools, wood floor tools.
  • Draper Tools

    Draper Tools (44)

    Draper Tools Draper Tools. We hold in stock a large selection of various products From Draper. From tape measures, tool bags, hacksaws and hammers to name only a few. Full range of everything Draper make is available to order. Check out their website anything you need and a price just ask.
  • Estwing

    Estwing (20)

    Estwing Estwing Since 1923. The Estwing family & its employees have taken pride in designing, manufacturing the world's most durable, comfortable and attractive striking and struck tools. All claw hammers, axes, specialty tools, pry bars are manufactured to highest possible standards. Offer a true value to both tradesmen and craftsmen alike. Estwing continues to innovate produce new handtools.
  • Mozart Tools

    Mozart Tools (8)

    Mozart Tools Mozart Tools from High Quality tools from Germany. This category contains Weld rod timmers hand held and new Speed Trimmer. New Mozart S2 Trimming Knife. For the weld rod trimmers spare blades and spacers.
  • Pajarito Tools

    Pajarito Tools (33)

    Pajarito Tools Pajarito Tools German made quality. This category contains tools available from Pajarito. Selection covering different areas from mixing and screeding, pin levelers, Trowels and drill whisks. Large selection of scribers, pins and cutters, other safety flooring tools. Measuring and Marking, upto 5m long straight edges plus many more.
  • Roberts Tools

    Roberts Tools (43)

    Roberts Tools Roberts Tools. Proudly served the floor covering industry as innovators of quality floor covering installation tools for over 80 years. Large selection of tools available. Full range of Knee Kickers and spare parts. Heat Seam Irons and Heat Seam Tape. Shears, Tucking Tools, Tapes plus more. Not to forget Roberts R10-56 Longneck Plus Jamb Saw now available. Have a…
  • Spotnails Maestri

    Spotnails Maestri (32)

    Spotnails Maestri Spotnails Maestri Flooring tools and accessories. Within this category we have, Staple Guns and Staples  ME4000 ME606 MET567. Brad Nailers 18g and brads  ME606 ME30. Brad Nailer 21g and brads SE30. Hammer Tacker, Concrete Nailer LT50-LAC. Spare Parts for the ME guns. Plus More, Spare boxs, Mallet Driven AF Tool.......
  • Sweeney Todd Blades

    Sweeney Todd Blades (34)

    Sweeney Todd Blades Sweeney Todd Blades category. Contains Sweeneys large range of blades for every cutting and trimming need. Heavy Duty, Hooked, Super Hooked, Concave Plus more. Some available in cardboard and handy plastic boxs. Sweeney Todds XL Silver Blades. Various nails for fixing gripper, door bars etc into wood and concrete floors. Wire Nails, tap its plus more......
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