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SFN19 Coil Nailer Collated Nails 19mm/22mm

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SFN19 Coil Nailer Collated Nails 19mm & 22mm

SFN19 Coil Nailer Collated Nails. Spotnails Maestri Ringshanked and Galvanised Plastic Sheet Collated Coil Nails. Suitable for Plywood Installation.

Select from the drop down box length required 19mm, 22mm

Packed 10,000 per carton.

Please Read…..

Depending on the stock at the time. Can vary Spotnails branded and unbranded box’s. Please read info on the actual product page for the SFN19. Which will work with etc.

Specifically for use in the Spotnails SCN45 SFN19 Nailer. Also MAX CN452S and CN238 Nailers.

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