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Roberts GT2000 Knee Kicker

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Roberts GT2000 Knee Kicker

Roberts GT2000 Knee Kicker Scientifically engineered bumper pad significantly reduces knee shock
28% wider head than standard kickers provides 33% more gripping power
Trigger easily adjusts the length from 18-1/2″ to 22-1/2″
Thick walled, aluminum die cast body for maximum strength
Additional row of pins and nap strip offer more gripping surface
Large channel stops reduce wear and maintain precise opening range
High contour neck fits over stretcher
Center grooved head for adjusting power stretcher head
Smooth, precise dial adjustments

Spares Available, Click on the Link….

Thicker Progressive Bumper Pad….. CLICK HERE

Pin Plate Assembly….. CLICK HERE

Nap Grip Inserts….. CLICK HERE


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