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Crain 445 Knee Kicker

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Crain 445 Knee Kicker

Crain 445 Knee Kicker. This classic kicker has a recessed trigger for length adjustment in five settings from 17¾” to 21¾”. The visual pin depth dial provides nine different depth settings for various carpets. Power rods extending through the pin plate provide support and improved force transfer to the carpet. The gripping head includes three nap grips and a pin plate with 16 hardened steel pins. The standard thickness bumper is made from rubber for durability and provides a firm feel and impact that is preferred by many installers. Comes with gripper cap. Bumper, nap grips, and pin plate are replaceable. Net weight: 3 lbs. Replaceable bumper.

Spare Parts Available…..

Cotton Head Inserts…. CLICK HERE

Spiked Head…. CLICK HERE

Standard Bumper…. CLICK HERE

Thicker Bumper…. CLICK HERE

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