Miscellaneous Flooring Tools Accessories

Miscellaneous Flooring Tools Accessories Category. This category contains sub sections. Knee Pads & PPE, Marking Measuring, Nails / Tacks / Fixings, Tool Bags & Sundries.

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  • Knee Pads / PPE

    Knee Pads / PPE (17)

    Knee Pads / PPE Knee Pads / PPE. This category contains a large range of Knee Pads. Selection of economy pads, Leather, Gel and PU Pads. Most popular, Super Soft, Camo Super Soft and Leather XL's. The very best Knee Protection, Fento 200 Pro Knee Protector and Alpro Medical Knee Pad. Plus more... Look after your Knee's!
  • Marking & Measuring

    Marking & Measuring (29)

    Marking & Measuring Marking & Measuring Category. Contains for Measuring, Tape Measures, Electric Distance Meters. Marking, Carpenters Squares, Try Squares, Combination Squares, Pencils etc. Chalk lines and Chalk Line Refills. Plus Moisture Meters, Economy to the Best GM200 and Protimeter. Mitre blocks in different sizes to get that angle to cut right. Plus more...
  • Nails / Tacks / Fixings

    Nails / Tacks / Fixings (44)

    Nails / Tacks / Fixings Nails / Tacks / Fixings. This category includes all you will need to nail, tack and fix. Staples to fit hammer tackers to Spotnails Mastri Staple Brad Gun's. Brad nails in 18g and 21g. Nails 500g and 1kg tubs for concrete and wooden floors. Screws for stair nosing's and Door bars. Plus associated products like…
  • Tool Bags & Sundries

    Tool Bags & Sundries (61)

    Tool Bags & Sundries Tool Bags & Sundries. This category includes Tool Bags from Roberts Tools, Draper and more budget bags. Sundries an assortment of tools and accessories from pencils, blade sharpeners, screwdriver sets and various bits and bobs. Crains natural poly and natural waxed linen thread curved and straight needles for the old school fitters.