MENZER VX 790 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 110V

£319.00 + VAT

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MENZER VX 790 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 110V

£319.00 + VAT

Please Note- These machines are available in 230v, Please contact for availability and delivery times.

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MENZER VX 790 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 110V

MENZER VX 790 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 110V. A professional grade industrial vacuum cleaner must be able to handle a number of challenges: It must reliably remove fine dust generated during sanding, be able to remove liquids completely and thoroughly remove dirt from tools and other equipment. MENZER has developed a wet & dry vacuum cleaner specifically for the PRO LINE product range that will fulfil these tasks with ease. MENZER VC 790 PRO: A wet & dry vacuum cleaner that offers highest vacuum performance even after intensive continuous operation and provides excellent work comfort as well.

Automatically self-cleaning filter

The filter of the VC 790 PRO is automatically cleaned off every 30 seconds in a strong vibration action to rid it of fine dust particles. This repetitive cleaning function ensures a continuously high vacuum performance during intensive, continuous operation. The automatic filter cleaning function and frequent filter changes significantly reduce downtimes, which reduces maintenance costs and increases the service life of the vacuum cleaner.

Time-saving automatic startup

The MENZER VC 790 PRO wet & dry vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a power socket to connect power tools up to 2,200 W. An additional plus: The vacuum cleaner switches on automatically, as soon as the tool starts up. The function saves time and guarantees faster sanding progress. When the tool is switched off, a trailing function ensures that the vacuum cleaner deactivates only after all dust has been removed.

Practical storage box and blower function

Crevice nozzle, hose adapter or cable clip: Everything has its place in the storage box for the VC 790 PRO. No small parts get lost and everything is at hand when you need it. On building sites, the closed storage box can double as a small shelf. Range of applications of our VC 790 PRO is increased with a practical blower function. It makes after work cleaning of the tools a lot easier and also removes dirt from narrow, hard to reach spaces.
Electronic fill level monitoring
MENZER VC 790 PRO removes liquids quickly and thoroughly. For a changeover to wet vacuuming, all you have to do is replace the lamella filters with the wet filter sponges provided. The electronic fill level monitor registers full, when the max. fill level is reached and automatically deactivates the machine.

Wide range of accessories

Our VC 790 PRO comes with a large selection of useful accessories. In addition to a stainless steel extension tube, you get a circular and crevice nozzle for targeted cleaning in corners and hard to reach spaces. The cable clips attach the power cable of a connected machine directly to the suction hose to prevent tangling. Complete list of accessories provided can be found above in the product details.

Re-usable fleece bag

Fleece bag included in scope of delivery is optimised for fine dust applications, guarantees excellent vacuum performance. The filter bag is re usable, which means it can be simply emptied and used again. Good for the environment and your wallet.

Technical DataVoltage  220–240 V ~ 50 Hz

Power consumption  1,200 W

Weight  12,9 kg

container volume  25 l

Vacuum  25 kPa

MENZER VC 790 PRO Comes with-

    • Suction hose (2.5 m)
    • Hose adapter
    • Floor nozzles (wet & dry)
    • Circular and crevice nozzle
    • Extension tube
    • Elbow joint
    • Re-usable fleece bag
    • 2 wet filters
    • Cable clips

Please Note- These machines are available in 230v, Please contact for availability and delivery times.


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