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MENZER VC 760 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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MENZER VC 760 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

MENZER VC 760 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner. Multi-cyclone technology keeps the filters efficiently clean. in fed air is slowed down by way of rotation. Heavy dirt particles fall down, collected in a cassette. Once the cassette is full its emptied via a practical click system. There is no need for manual filter cleaning and the vacuum cleaner can be used without interruption.

Wet & dry vacuum cleaner for demanding jobs

The VC 760 comes with a very high container volume of 35 litres for private and professional applications. Use as a dry vacuum cleaner and removal of fine dust, the VC 760 comes with a re-usable fleece bag. When used as a wet vacuum cleaner, electronic fill level monitor ensures maximised safety.
VC 760 is fully compatible, commercially available electric tools machine is simply plugged into integrated power socket. Suction hose is connected to the tool. No more tangled cables, more safety in the workplace. An optional suction hose adapter allows the connection of third party machines.
An attachment rack with three spaces for extension tube and nozzles on the back of the VC 760 keeps everything in its place. The accessories you need most are always within easy reach. A cable retainer on the side prevents cable tangling.
The VC 760 comes with a whole host of high quality accessories. Two floor nozzles allow the dry & wet vacuuming of large areas. The circular and crevice nozzle get dirt out of corners and hard to reach spaces. All nozzles click easily onto the long suction hose or the stainless steel extension tube.
110v & 230v available, select required voltage from the drop down box.

Technical Data Voltage 110 V ~ 50 Hz / 230V

Power consumption 1,380 W

Weight 10,5 kg

container volume 35 l

Vacuum 20 kPa

MENZER VC 760 Comes with-

    • Suction hose (2.5 m)
    • Hose adapter
    • Floor nozzles (wet & dry)
    • Circular and crevice nozzle
    • Extension tube
    • Elbow joint
    • Re-usable fleece bag
    • Cable clips

Use with the Menzer Dust Extraction Ring Click…… HERE


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